Metal Fabricators & Manufacturers
Tubular bending, pressing, punching, cutting, welding & assembly for Industry
Anything that can be made,
can be made in Australia...
Alltek Industries partners with Australian firms to manufacture components or assemblies for their product or service lines, across multiple industries.

Metal Cutting

Precision metal cutting
Sub milimeter accuracy

Alltek Industries specialise in the supply of precision metal inputs to customer specification. Manufacturing processes that start with precision inputs result in lower cost, higher quality outcomes.

High quality and robust recycled materials contribute to the function and form outdoor spaces with a much lower environmental impact.

Tube Bending

CNC Mandrel Bending
Specialising in multiple radii 12mm to 50mm tube or 8mm to 16mm rod bending

Capabilities developed in the auto industry make Alltek Industries the 'goto' for small diameter tubular bending requirements. Manufactured products such as furniture and complex frameworks are our specialty.

Industry Focus: Tubular Furniture

Alltek are a key supplier for metal framework for school and healthcare furniture. Framework is precision cut and fully welded to specifications.

Metal Pressing

Press bending, punching, squashing
Multiple machinery stations & routing

Alltek Industries have tooling and capabilities to press bend tube and bar, with or without deformities, punch, notch and bend plate for subassemblies across a wide range of industries.

About Us

Years and Years of Experience
30 years in Hallam

Furniture is made locally, in our factory in Hallam, using Australian steel and inputs. The business has been supplying schools with their furniture, fixtures and fittings for over 25 years. Our experience covers literally thousands of jobs and years supplying to approximately 1500 schools and Institutions Australian wide supporting local manufacturers and suppliers throughout the metropolitan area.

The people at Alltek have been involved in tool making, steel bending, manufacturing, furniture design and operations have been undertaken from the current premises in Hallam since 2006.